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About Us

TDink is an online magazine showcasing the latest fashion and cutting-edge trends. Most magazines cater toward only men or women but at TDink we strive to appeal to both sexes. TDink has no boundaries. Our photography accentuates the lifestyle of our demographic--flaunting high fashion, showcasing swanky night spots, and capturing the essence of self-expression.

Fashion: TDink features the following men and women's fashion categories: evening wear, sportswear, active-wear and juniors. For every occasion, there is a proper form of dress. TDink will serve as a reference to know how to dress during various situations.

Technology: While featuring designer clothes, TDink will include reviews on technology. Fashion and technology are interwoven categories for the the working professional. TDink reviews PDAs, cars, cell phones and any other technology our demographic is interested in.

Lifestyle: Our target audience has a fascination with the nightlife, follow fashion trends and purchase the latest technology. Much of our demographic attends college and another good portion is the working professional. They have an appreciation for the arts and express themselves through their consumerism. TDink will guide them in their purchasing decisions. TDink goes on location to swanky nightspots for photoshoots. This gives nightclubs and restaurants an opportunity for advertisement.

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