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editors' note

Happy Holidays and welcome back! we are pleased to launch Issue 6. However, We regret to inform our readers that we are losing our fashion editor, Uduak Oduok, who has contributed so much of what you see.We wish her the best and know she will go on to do great things.

Issue 6 is all about magazines and their publishers and editors. What defines one magazine from another? How were the magazines on the newsstands established and who are the masterminds behind them? We interviewed editors and publishers from fashion and culture publications including: Surface, Clear, Paper and many more. It is accompanied by an exclusive bodypaint photoshoot with Senior MAC Artist Tiffany Johnston. We are honored to work with Tiffany and her team.

We would also like to announce a new and improved lifestyle and technology section. With the addition of photography to our technology section, there are how-to instructional guides to better picture taking. Our lifestyle section features a new travel section that will make you a bonafide world traveler in no time!

Enjoy the issue!

Your editors,

David Lee
Executive Editor
Tiffany Chin
Creative Director
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